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Money & Networking

I tell you I hate balancing my checking account since I always end up with less money in it than I want. However in being financially responsible it's something that has to be done. Am I too old to be someone woman's boy toy? You know just pay me to stand around a look good. I think I could handle that for a while.
On other more realistic fronts I'm applying my Singles knowledge to my networking group. Even though I'm no longer part of leadership I want to know these people better and them me. Also I want to be seen as a person that gets things done which I know they already, but hey I can beat it into their heads some more. At least till I get more referrals out of them. So with being single again I have more free time which isn't totally true since I only saw the Planner for one night a week. First up I've invited everyone plus their spouses and pets to go on a hike this coming Sunday. Like the Singles events, if no one shows up I still have fun. After this I'll do a Game Night with Lifestories the game for everyone to get to know each other better.

For some reason today is harder for me, but the want to check out the old dating sites is around. I think because I have some free time today.

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