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Shocked & Stunned

My body still hasn't caught up with my heart yet. I can't believe that 4 days ago I loved someone deeply and today I really don't care about them. I figured with my words that their was a problem and sharing my feelings that I would awake to find a text on my phone. Nothing. I sent my morning good morning wish. Still nothing. WTF!

I know for me it's her motives more than any action that mean something to me. Last night I still wanted to know. Today I really couldn't give a crap since all I'm feeling is I don't matter. I'll call her tonight like normal, but I don't really expect much. I do have to admit this has been a real learning experience since this hits me in all my weak spots. Well this could be a first in post divorce history. Me breaking up with someone. I did it well enough before I was married, but since I've been divorced I've been the dumpee.

On the good note I need 1 more patient to come in this week to break my record of week highs. I think I may need to go next store to the Autozone and by some oil to spread around the sidewalks and roadway.

MK lady and myself are going to do a lot of promoting together. Since my practice is mostly women I want to thank them with some patient appreciation. So I'm going to see if they want make overs or spa pampering. Also she's going to help me pick colors out for my office.

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Wow, okay. This is quite a difference. Do you "not care" b/c it's easier right now, an all or nothing way of dealing, or? I'll have to read back and see what precipitated this. But, hey, kudos for getting this far into a relationship, and also for recognizing when it's not going to stay working functionally (or fixable), and, well, handling that. SORRY to hear it, though.


Uhhh, not to be rude, but it sounds as if she has already dumped you.


Believe me anonymous I feel the same.


Sorry that was me...I always forget to add my name. I think it is really crappy that she is going this route since she is supposed to be an adult. If something stops being fun--you break up in person. Sorry you got treated like this.



Glad that work is going well, and sorry that The Planner turned out to be such a disappointment.


Sorry about the planner... I told you what we should do... move closer together and date each other.. hugs and kisses... do not think too much

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