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Pes Planus & Indian Summer

What happened to all the nice fall weather? It's almost 80 out there and will stay their for most of the week. Even the wasp nest that was starting to become dormant outside my office window is a happening place today. So happening I needed to get a stick to get rid of it. I got away safely, but they're all kvetching in group about what to do now.

Sometimes I forget why they don't let people in the military with flat feet. Yes I have them. It's never the day of that's the pain. It's the next day when you try to hike again. My feet need sometime to recuperate afterwards. Even for all the years I did valet. As long as I had a day or two after a big event I was good, but to do big events day after day was excruciating.
Now you're all probably wondering where the hell I'm going with all of this. I forgot it was Columbus day and I'm open. However both morning appointments were rescheduled and I only have one appointment in the afternoon. So I got my door hangers last week and I figured I would drop some off today. Oye! After an hour I was a sweaty mess and my feet ached from having hiked yesterday.

See there was a point.

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