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Sunday in the Home with Mom

Today was really rough with seeing my Mom. I would have changed her summer wardrobe for winter, but in 2 days its suppose to be back in the 70's so I'll wait. Also it took so long for them to find the authorization form to get my Mom's flu shot that I needed to get out of the ward. It's a breeding ground of germs back there and I can always feel it when I've been in their too long since my sinuses start hurting.

Today they were having a birthday social and they had gathered most of the residents in the entertainment room for the music and festivities. Now I know my Mom no longer recognizes me and I'm still getting use to it, but today I was just part of the scenery to her. I was thinking of taking her for a walk around, but I wasn't registering to her. So I left her to the festivities. Usually I stay to enjoy with her, but since I didn't exist to her it was too painful and I cut out.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

i am sending big HUGS to you today. Even if your mom did not know you were you, it was good you went.


Wow, as a mom of four (one of which is my beloved son), my heart breaks for you. I agree with Lisa Jo that even though your mom didn't know you it is good you went. If I am ever in that situation, I hope my son is brave enough to come and see me as well.


That sounds incredibly hard. I'm so sorry. :(

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