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I tell you I haven't been dating in a few weeks and I'm out of the loop. Being bored yesterday I started taking quizzes and looking up information to pass the last hour at work. Did you know missionary has been removed as the top sexual position? It's been replaced and by a tie.
Cowgirl and

Doggie have tied for first place. Who knew? This second picture was actually some one's profile pic. You can see it and others on my other blog.
Well I finally got confirmation on the shade of taupe to use in my office so I'll start painting this weekend. I'll probably have to do it room by room since their is just too much stuff to move and I don't know where to move it to.
Today I stopped shaving for Halloween. Gimme a sec and I'll explain. I'm going as Zorro this year so the moustache and goatee is needed. I tell you it's weird to shave in a pattern. I'm use to just swiping it all off.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

LOL, well, I never do know what I'll find when I visit your blog!

And just last night, I was wondering how your mother was, and if you're spending more time with her lately, too, being you're not with "planner." Guess a person still needs to take care of sexual interests, too, however.

Okay, so how IS your mother doing???? Seriously, I am curious.

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Missionary is more romantic, but doggy is more fun - I think BOTH should be done during a love-making session, with maybe cowgirl thrown in if the guy is good at holding out :)

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