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Bowling Chili

I had not one, but two singles events to attend today. The best part I didn't run either one of them. Actually there was a third, but I don't drink. I love attending events that I don't run. I can sit back, not care who shows up, and if their are any questions or problems I can just point to the host. Gotta love it. Anyway first up was the Chili cook off and Car Show. For .50 you got to try some chili. Some were very good, my favorite being the cilantro one to the weird like pumpkin chili, not one of my favorites. I passed on the bison one and I never made it to the gator one. It was weird to hear people talk about chili like a fine wine. Sweet, hot, smooth, smokey, etc. I had to admit it was more fun than I thought it would be. The cars were very impressive although I'm not a car person. While they are nice to look at I couldn't dump that much money into one just to show it off. Hey I don't like dumping money into mine just to make it run.

I had to go onto the Navy base for the bowling fundraiser for one of my friends company that helps people with MR. Since I bowl straight, all I need to do is figure where to throw the ball on the lane. I blew everyone away with my 180 and 149, plus raised more money for getting a bunch of strikes. While I enjoyed it my body didn't. My fingers and the right side of my back ache. It's such a lopsided sport that it really does a number on me.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I went rollar skating this summer with the kids and my back was screaming for my chiroprator..lol
So I feel your pain


If you like hamburger you will like bison...it is really good.



I stopped drinking myself almost 5 years ago. I could help but smile thinking of a chili cookoff as a singles event...ummm...well chili tends to make certain people..umm gassy. So here you are meeting someone for the first time and get a whiff of a not so pleasant odor...I'm sure it wasn't like that. I just can't get past that image. (hugs)Indigo

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