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Sane Friends

The Last Bridge is Down

I had been wondering when this would happen. I got an email from the Planner this morning saying due to business cost that I would have to pay the membership fee for her site. I told her to take me down which saved me the energy it would take to delete it whenever I got around to it. Also she stated that she was leaving the singles group. So in a short while ever connection we had will be gone.

The Belly Dancing show went really well last night. The 3 women who performed each had different body types and different styles of dancing. It was very cool. The do the show every month so I might try to see if I can get a patient appreciation event going with them. What was really weird was one guy in the group ate during the whole first dance with his back to the stage then left. The second guy watched TV I think, but didn't watch the show for the first performance. Watched the second then left. I'm thinking alone time. Guy number three bailed during the third dancer performance while she was balancing a sword. Again I'm thinking alone time. At the end it was just me and the only girl that showed.

Lastly I would like to know why they can't make universal colors? Why must their be 10 different names for the color red? I can't find normal color names. I have to rely on the color itself which really isn't helping me.

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