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Sane Friends

Gather Around Children

Now STFU!!! (Shut The Fuck UP). I tell you working with the singles is like trying to deal with a bunch of spoiled children. In all honesty most are very nice, but there are some truly special ones out there, special not meaning in a good way.
Pictures are the biggest pain. I made a rule that you need a picture to be a member since we are a private group. Doing so keeps a lot of the tourist out since they have to be seen. Now there are two schools of thought here. One school has no clue how to upload a photo to the site. Being the organizer I'm expected to know what they're doing wrong in their parents basement someplace. While I'm happy to work with people, I have to admit I have no clue what they're doing and emailing takes a while to get all the information. So what I really get riled about is when they get angry that I can't help them and they can't join. Hey I'm sorry you're a social retard and this is your last desperate attempt to make a friend. Let me let you in on something. I'm not feeling the love here.

The second school of thought is the whiners on why they must have a picture to join. Hmmm I don't know maybe it's a rule. I don't care that you are good looking and just don't want anyone that might pass you on the street to notice you on our site. Or that you're number 9 on the FBI's most wanted list. Or whatever screwed up story you want to tell me. I'm not making exceptions for the Shadow.

I tell you that Ban button is looking better all the time. Yes I'm banning you. Why? Because you're an idiot. No wait, you just annoy the crap out of me. How's that?

Oh well break over everyone back in there seats.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

What you said was kind of cruel. Some people do have trouble making friends and maybe this IS their last attempt at making a friend. And beleive it or not, some people do have very little computer knowledge. Why do you run the group if you are going to judge other you deem as not worthy of your time?


Been there alot the past week or so...most of what I've learned on the computer is self taught. Alot of it is basically reading instructions and following through. Sometimes you have to hunt for the answer. If you want to know how to do something bad enough you'll find a way and learn.

When I moved over to Blogger from AOL, I tried like hell to help a huge group of people with basics, templates etc. Then I finally threw up my hands as said enough. I learned by trial and error, why is it they can't. It didn't seem fair to be expected to hold someone's hand when they didn't want to dive in and get their feet wet.

What it comes down to is, I'll gladly help you help yourself. I won't do it all for you and I don't need attitude because I can't read your mind and figure out what your having problems with...so yeah, been there alot lately. (Hugs)Indigo


I don't think it's cruel, what you said. I think you're just frustrated and want to call people what they are - morons. :) However, not all are as computer literate as *I* am. Or you, apparently. Heh.

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