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Mike's Not Happy

As many of you know I hate reschedules. I especially hate them when the week is already slow. So I was extremely {heavy sarcasm} happy this morning when my first 2 cash patients rescheduled. I was looking forward to that money to pay bills.

On the fun side the Halloween trick or treaters already passed by. The daycare next store brings them around and it's always fun. This year I was impressed on how many parents came along. Many of whom asked if I was the chiropractor. Hey there's always hope. I was surprised that their was less kids than normal this year. I only went through about 2/3 of my candy. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the rest of it.

So this year I'm Zorro for Halloween. It's been weird growing a moustache all week. When I was young I always wanted one. My ex hated it so I never had one. Nowadays I like being clean shaven. Oh well one more day then I can shave after the single's Halloween party.

Gas is $2.09 here. Just a hair width away from going under $2 which I would love for my trip up North to see Eric.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Wow, $2.09?! WOW.

We're thrilled when we see under $2.50, with many stations still charging about $2.85 and up.

Be prepared for varying prices. And, um, you're not handing out candy tonight, then, I guess? I'm not as we have other plans and I really hate halloween, but thought you'd be doing that.

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