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The Void

Game night was great tonight. It was a good turnout with new and old faces plus new games. We had a lot of laughs that I really needed. The biggest thing affecting me is that I feel the void of the Planner being gone in my life. While I'm not sad or feel like I'm grieving and can feel the want for another woman to fill that hole. I'm not talking sexually either. A vacuum has been created and I'm trying to fill it in with good social interaction with everyone while I go through what I need to go through. The weird thing is I don't feel anything resembling sad and I had to admit I was pretty peppy today bouncing to all the songs on the radio. So I have no clue what's going on inside of me.

It doesn't help that certain women in the group like me. While I like them and really look forward to having them at events since they make it more fun I wouldn't date them even when I'm out of this. One of the biggest things I've learned over the years is to know what wouldn't be a good match. The hard part still is if they like me. The Photographer I know likes me and would like if I asked her out, but I don't feel it would be a healthy thing. However I do enjoy her being at events since she is a hoot.

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The void , I would guess is due to the energy and love you put into the relationship with the Planner. The void was filled when you took on her needs, desires etc., and now that the planner is no longer needing that, wanting it or is no longer there for you to fulfill, the void is the replacement. I give you credit for knowing what you want and how to go about it, and not using others in the mean time before you FIND IT! Many would of jumped to personto person creating a train wreck for themselves... take time for yourself... the void feeling will pass, as time does. xoxo


Take your time before getting involved again. Do you look for relationships where you actually like the person? Or just to fill that void, to have someone physically there to stop the loneliness?



Sunshine - thanks :)

Tracy - Look for people I like. I know if I don't take time inbetween relationships then I can make some pretty bad choices.


Oh, we all have mad bad choices at some point in our lives. I know mine were always made when I rushed from one person to the next without taking time for me.



Made not mad* oops!


I'm trying to fill my void today, too, anniversary of my dad's passing....... and yes, if you know it wouldn't be a match, there is maturity in not pursuing it. It takes work to be in a relationship, and this was hitting bumps and your joy could also be that you're feeling relief that you don't have to deal with that any more, the negatives. There are various stages.

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