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Sane Friends

The Divine Diva

It was a good day. My senior presentation went very well with a very good turn out at 27. I talked about arthritis and showed them some exercises so they wouldn't be hunched over. They especially liked when I taught them how to massage hands. They thanked me so much and one woman called to say thank you. It was very sweet. The funniest thing was that a few weeks earlier a belly dancing group had come from a senior home and the 93 year old guy in the group had danced with them. The local news station was there and he's famous now.

Patient appreciation night went very well. The ladies liked the satin hands and lips. The lipstick/kissing personality test went over really well. The ladies really enjoyed that I put on lipstick (actually my MK lady had to put it on for me) and did the test. Did you all know I'm a Divine Diva? Betcha didn't, but I am. Chair massages went over very well and I got 2 massages for the therapist. I had 10 ladies show up. 2 of them weren't even my patients, but friends which was okay with me. I always find it funny that you can still give stuff away and people won't come. This reminds me of the all you could eat free Outback food that I was twisting people's arms to come.

I did had a good group of people to ask whether they would like belly dancing or Rumba lessons. Belly dancing was the favorite although stripper exercise was #1, but I don't know the person that does that and I thought that was pushing it. So I'll track down the teacher later in the week to work something out.

Loan lady came and invited me out for drinks with Diner girl around the corner. It was nice to relax after work with them and chat. Both were suitably impressed by my busy lifestyle with everything. Hey I didn't do much my first 3.5 decades on this planet and I aim for that to be different the second half.

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