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Sane Friends

I Felt Like My Head Would Explode

It's been an hour or so and I'm coming down from the Planner's unexpected drop in. For me I have to always remember I'm very sensitive and I overlook my emotions quickly when something like this happens. Seeing her again was a double edged sword. While she was just attractive as always to my eyes, my heart still felt the sting of pain of how she broke us up. So my insides got yanked both ways even though I don't want to go back out with her again. The Planner was standoffish which is to be expected. She wasn't like L who adhered her body to me the first time we ran into each other. So I guess it was healthier. At the least I got all my stuff back. However it did rip open the wound of her bizarre pull back and then blamed stuff on me. It all put a bad taste in my mouth about the relationship. Hopefully now the dead will stay in the ground.

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