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Being in a chiropractor, subpoenas go with the territory. Although it doesn't happen much down here since I do little personal injury by choice. However I still get them. What's funny is about once a year I get one from a lawyer's office up on the peninsula. What's funny is that I have never treated the person in any of the subpoenas. I think they need to fire someone up there.

Game night went really well last night. We haven't had that kind of turnout in a long time. We had to break up into two groups. My group since they were my games were more laughing oriented. The other group's games were more hardcore gaming types so less laughs I heard from some of the participants. The interesting thing is I left there wanting to date again. I have no idea why. Well the two ladies reading tarot cards behind us was giving me the eye for a while. Interest always seems to kick up the dating bug. Still not doing anything about it though.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Proud of you for not getting out there yet. Time heals the wounds and gives you a clear head. You don't need to carry baggage into another relationship. (Hugs)Indigo


hey.. not a slacker any more.. posted again.. WOW!!! What have I done? too much time for today...
take your time...things will happen in time.. I know what BS but I hear it all the time... oxox

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