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I Can't Stand No More

I finally had to look up how to get rid of the paint smell. Many people talked about the onion to get rid of the smell, but I wasn't liking that. Also I didn't have one. However I did have some Arm & Hammer carpet fresh. While I think I can still smell the paint. I asked Loan lady when she came in how it smelled and she liked the aroma of the place. After I picked my head up I asked if she smelled the paint and she said no. So I'm happy that I can now close the window and not freeze.

I asked the Photographer to the Funny Bone tomorrow night. I knew she would be busy over the weekend so I didn't want to wait till next week. Tomorrow night's assignment will be finding out what she likes to do.

It'll be nice to go home and relax tonight. I haven't been home all week to have dinner with the Landlord.

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