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Surprise Post Date Report

I knew this would happen if no one else showed up for my Networking Game night. The Photographer and I had dinner together. I got there early since I couldn't take my office anymore. My last patient rescheduled and I was sub coming to the fumes. So I picked up prizes for the singles Halloween party, stopped by to visit some business associates, and then headed over to Starbucks. My mind was pretty shot by then with a lot of business and networking done today.

I was talking talking to Eric when she arrived. I had moved my visit up a week since he was having out of country family coming to visit my normal weekend. It seems my son has picked up poker and enjoying the game. 9 year olds don't gamble so they just keep playing to see who wins the most. He seems to be doing very well with it.

When the Photographer comes from work she is dressed up and she looked great tonight in her outfit. I didn't think anyone else was coming, but I wasn't quite sure if Web lady was coming or not. So I asked if she was hungry which she said she was. So I suggested if no one showed up in 20 minutes we would go get some sushi. So we played some Flux. No one showed up and we headed down the road to my favorite sushi place. We talked for hours and would probably still be there if they weren't sweeping the place and filling all the condiments on the table to let us know they were closing.

Over the months of her being in the group I knew somethings about the Photographer, but not everything. When you get the quick overview you hear the more outlandish bizarre stuff, but when you get the full story you see the real person. I was very happy what I saw. A bit of a kindred spirit in that she had her rough life and changed it around for the better. So we agreed on several life beliefs which was nice.

We agreed to do this again. I wasn't quite sure what was appropriate with her and I always side on the side of caution nowadays. No more one step over the line Mike for me. She kissed me on the cheek and we said our good nights. I texted her when I got home thanking her for a wonderful evening and to sleep well.

I might have to put painting off this weekend to make some time to see her again.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

you are so active, and I enjoy reading about the way you stay out there!


I'm still loving the way you give all these ladies good names for us to identify with them.
You have a social life that would rival any teenagers. Keep having fun with that. It makes me want to ramp up my own~


will keep my fingers crossed for you with her.

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