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The Age Old Question Answered

I'm not quite sure what your age old question is, but in my circles it's should you date a woman that had no issues growing up and is pretty healthy or someone that grew up with problems, but has overcame them to be a better person. Yes this is a back and forth question between my closest friends and myself since we are in the latter half. So after dating women in both ball parks plus talking to the Photographer last night I would say I choose the latter one myself. Their is just more to connect with and life views are closer. Dating Law Girl and Planner, both who had pretty normal childhoods I saw a large gap between us. While we had other things in common they both really couldn't grasp where I had came from or gone through. Not that I unload baggage on the table the first date, but as time goes on things come out. Usually they want to know stuff because I don't add up to them. I shouldn't be a doctor. I should be a factory worker, a convicted felon, or something.

I remember going out with this woman Kat a long time ago. She was attractive, funny, and great to talk to. However she wanted to know somethings of how I got here. So I told her and it was funny. She would have done the complete opposite of everything I would have done. The things that have defined me. So no there wasn't a second date.

God is it slow in the office this week for some strange reason. Something I really hate when it's the end of the month. The other thing is that the paint smell just ain't going away. The fumes are killing me.

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Mike, next time you paint you need to add a few drops of Lemon Oil to the paint.

Problem solved.....


"I should be a factory worker, a convicted felon, or something."

So, factories workers rate right up there with felons in your mind?? Isn't that kind of offensive to those of us who might be factory workers? I am no longer, I wisely chose to get out before things got bad. But. My home is now paid for, I have a retirement fund that I invested in wisely, and a pension when I am 65. And I'm young enough to start over doing something I enjoy.

Just an FYI that not all factory workers have the mentality that you seem to think they do.


Anonymous - if you had the courage to leave the comment you should have the class to leave you r real name/blog.

Mike - compatibility in ALL areas is essential. It's what makes or breaks relationships long term.


Put a clothes pin on your nose & breathe thru your mouth. LOL

A pretty face is never enough to keep my attention. A person who has lived a perfect life has missed out on life's important lessons & challenges.



I used to think that because of what I went through, I couldn't date or be with someone from a normal background. Stupidly I didn't realize that didn't have to mean putting up with a violent streak or mentality as well.

I did however marry someone who had the happy upbringing and well we're divorced. In the end I think it helps tremendously when the other person gets where your coming from, either they've lived it, or had some experience with it at some point.

Case in point Paul had a hard childhood, numerous addictions. Won't say anymore about that (it's his story not mine). He overcame them to be a pretty great guy. Today he works with troubled kids. The thing is he's been there and gets it when I wake up with the sweats and that look of fear on my face. He gets it enough to make me comfortable he knows about it.

Long story short(yeah this was going somewhere)..the vote would always go with the person who overcame and made a life for themselves. I think the personality and oveall attitude would be far better. (Hugs)Indigo

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