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Sane Friends

Beautiful Day

What a wonderful fall day today. I may have no patients today, but I'm energized and in a great mood. I had a meeting with someone in my networking group who knew me when I joined and it was nice to have her say how much I've changed. My presentation went very well this morning and I want to produce a lot of business out of it. So that will be my focus over the next 24 hours.

What was truly great was Loan Lady showed up today at our meeting to fill in for someone who was out. I don't idolize anyone nor do I have any mentors. However when I started my spiritual path having been an atheist for 18 years I instantly gravitated to people who had what I wanted. So Loan Lady is one of the people that has something business wise that I want. However she is usually very busy and I didn't know how I was going to get an appointment with her. Then she appeared this morning and I was able to set something up for Friday. Sweet.

So the rest of the day will be network education classes, a tour of a large birthing center in the area (hopefully for referrals back and forth) and then to see Tropic of Thunder with the Singles. A $1 movie, can't go wrong.

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