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It was funny with me talking about the age old question yesterday. I brought it up with my friend Paul and he said he had just talked 45 minutes with his therapist on the subject. I bring this up since I find myself really setting a tone here with my relationship with the Photographer. There is no reacting here, just acting which is something I want to do in all areas of my life. However even though it is healthy I find myself making sure I'm doing it all for the right reasons. Yes I know I'm over thinking, but its what I do best.

I had a really fun conversation with the Photographer last night. I'm going to pick her up at her place tonight to go to the Funny Bone. I think she was surprised that I ended the conversation when I did. For me it just felt right. To stop at a high point and leave more for the next time. I know she has thought of me of a dating possibility for sometime now while I've only thought about it for a short time. So I have some catching up to do.

I was asked if I would have sex with her tonight. I've never been a one night stand or booty call type of guy. While I like the Photographer I need more between us to have sex. Not saying when that would be, I'll just know.

2 people had cathartic therapy:


Sometimes, it just has NOT been enough time, even if you've know the person some.

She may feel ready; you only go there if and when you also feel ready.

Hope it was / will be a fun outing.


what? I must have missed a post. What happened w/ Planner?

LOL Girls are supposed to end the conversation tho...LOL most of them don't know that...

Can't wait to hear about your date!

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