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I'm not a big one to hit on news here. The stuff just doesn't get into my shorts. However reading my informational sites this morning made me drop my jaw. Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant again! Someone needs to give her a book or pamphlet on how this happens. She knew that she could have unprotected sex while knocked up and not get pregnant. However for some reason she thought the same was true for when your breast feeding which much to her dismay is not true. Creating the Spears nation one baby at a time.

In other news OMG I didn't want to get out of bed this morning. It's going to be a long day. My early morning presentation went well. Now I have to wake up the hamster in my brain to get my creative juices going. However the little bastard keeps whacking the snooze button.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

There is SOME protection given against pregnancy when nursing, in SOME women. It (obviously) cannot be relied upon, and she needs better information.

I didn't know who you posted a photo of; I was thinking, cute dress I'm too old to wear w/out leggings but it's cute. Oy.


Oh I read that and thought it had to be a joke but wow, didn't she JUST have her baby??? She's pregnant AGAIN?

I love to surf internet news sites, which ones do you hit up? I check out CNN and then my local news and then I head for Digg, Fark and Reddit. Any suggestions? I'm always looking for a new one to read. I have hours to kill here.

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