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Sane Friends

5 to Midnight

I love my action packed days except when I realize I have to be up in 6 hours to do a presentation. Oye! Other than that the day went well. I was able to help the realtor in my group with some advertising today since she was down in the dumps with the market the way it is. I know I'm expanding my horizons, but making your self un-expendable is one of my strategies.

The rest of my classes and meetings went very well. It was nice to be in a groove, energetic, and bubbly. All together it makes me fit right in. We had to deal with one women stating that she helps women orgasm in a meeting. Not actually having an orgasm in the meeting just that she does it for a living. I do it for free, but hey if you can make a few bucks off it. All the power to you. She probably could film it and make more money, but I doubt if her clients would like that, but who knows.

The birthing center was really nice. I got to talk to the midwife before she had to run to deliver a baby, but my name got out in a room full of people so that was nice also. However it was their show and I'm not a poacher. I have to admit I would love a hotel room like these. Queen size bed, giant jacuzzi, TV, refrig, and microwave. Wow and the insurance company pays for it. Not bad.

Lastly it was over to see Tropic Thunder. Now that was a funny movie made even better with me forking over a $1 to see it.

When I was bored Sunday and decided to plan all these events I needed to think better. Now another day of getting up early, full day, and a singles event at night. All that and not a full night sleep. Mike's not a happy camper.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Having a different health system on the other side of the world, I'm intrigued with the idea of sexual health 'how to' classes for women!

Or did I get that wrong? It's just the way you made it sound, talking about the birthing centre and the other stuff.


Kitty - the women in that group does Passion parties. She sells tasteful (I guess) novelty items. You know vibrators, dildos, etc. Sexual tupperware parties. Whether she gets into more detail I have no idea.

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