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Sane Friends

The Reality Paradox

Six days a week I really don't care or really even think about it. However Sunday's are different. Four months of waking up with someone next to you will do that. I don't know how my body and mind know, but they do. Yes I'm talking about waking up alone in bed today. This is the second week in 4 months that this has happened and it's taking some getting use to.

It was a beautiful fall day here for a hike and it was nice to hang out with Web Lady, her husband, and dog. We did a 5 mile hike which was just perfect walking wise. Life and business was talked about as we watched their 6 month old puppy go crazy for everything, it was all very funny.

I stopped by Panera afterwards to use their free wi-fi and drink a Jonas cream soda. I was reading emails from friends when I realized I hadn't talked to the Planner. You know sometimes when you dream it seems to real and normal that it just slips in to your consciousness unnoticed. Well I had dreamed that the Planner had called me to get back together. I don't remember her reasoning, but I told her no. That blowing me off for no reason was unacceptable and the way she handled everything said a lot. It was funny I thought it had really happened. Oh well at least I know what I would say.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Aw, that is sucky. I am staying with a guy right now for that very reason. Not liking the idea of giving up sex and cuddles on demand.


Pets work...no seriously they keep the other side of the bed warm and love you unconditionally. I've had some stretches there between with an empty bed and that works every time, until the human version shows up. (Hugs)Indigo

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