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Well some of you may or not know that AOL is shutting down there blogging area. To most of you that probably means squat. I started blogging on AOL many years ago and I met a wonderful group of people there. However after a few years I grew and wanted to expand my horizons which lead me to this place where you all know and love me. Anyway blogspot is allowing all the AOL users to upload there blogs here. When my only option was to save my old journal I was like forgetaboutit. Way too much work for something I probably would never read again. However today I got the message that we could upload. So I did. Holy shit, 1284 entries! I know I have a lot of entries, but jeez. Anyway I put it on sidebar if you would like to take a gander.

The museum tonight with the singles was interesting. While it was nice to see everyone, listen to jazz, and look at the new exhibits. One member was trying to connect with one of the ladies there. I had to admit I could feel the sadness come over me. I felt disconnected from everyone and I ended up walking the museum by myself. I had no idea how going to the museum again would be, but at least it made me feel my loss.

Next on my plate is should I ask for my book, CD, and condoms back?

1 people had cathartic therapy:

NO!!!! No contact. Cut it off, man. Buy a new book, CD and DEFINITELY new condoms!

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