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I feel like I'm in the Twilight zone. I just finished a text exchange with the Planner while seeing patients. She texted me to say that she had a 2 hour conference call at 8 and wouldn't be able to answer the phone when I normally call. So I told no problem just give me a call when she was finished.
Planner: I'm probably not going to get on the phone with you at 10 pm. we can talk tomorrow. That is if you don't have planes with your after hours group.
Me: What's wrong Planner?
Planner: I don't want to talk about whats wrong. I want to talk about what's right.
Me: [WTF!] Nothing happening tomorrow. It seems to me that you're angry with me and I'm not sure why.
Planner: I'm not angry with anyone.
Me: Something is not right. Enjoy your conference call.
Planner: Everything is fine. Why can't you slow down long enough. My conference call is for my job. it is a necessity not a pleasure ... etc. [nothing important]
Me: This isn't about the conference call. You were upset Sunday morning and then we really haven't talked since then which is weird for us.
Planner: Its nothing weird. Would you like to talk about it tomorrow?
Me: That would be great.
Planner: Ok
I feel like I've felt many times in life. Something has happened, I know it has happened, but the other person is denying it. I didn't like this feeling at all.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Could she be jealous because you are still involved with a singles group? And maybe she doesn't want you to consider yourself single?


So, that was IT? Being it was texted, she may not have been asking flippantly about your after hours group (meaning the nuances are harder to gauge, even if IRL she may or may not give the jealous impression I don't know). So, a btw we can't talk tonight (no biggie), how about tomorrow (fine), turned into a breakup? She didn't call you back, or you call her, or huh? I'm missing some info here, apparently.


I think you are right. :(

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