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Batten Down Those Hatches

As I have been doing over the last few months is tightening up my office to make it more profitable. I've reviewed my monthly goals and set new ones for next month. I took it a step further this month by writing down how I would reach those goals over the next month instead of just letting it hang out there in limbo.

However doing some self reflecting today has led me to a few conclusions. I'm a great doctor, a good solid business man, and a so so salesman. I have the ability, but the skill to sell it is still weak. I fear rejection still too much. In all aspects of my life except dating I have to admit. I guess going out with like 50 women in the last few years will do that to you. Get that look off your face I only slept with one of them. My bedpost doesn't look like a family of termites got to it.

I'm thinking of taking on a business coach. I know someone I like, however at the moment I can't afford it. So as soon as I get my settlement for a patient's accident I'll use the money for that. I really could use it for bill paying, but when it's gone I would still be in the same boat. At least this would be a good investment in myself. Although the couch may have a payment plan. I'll sit down to talk with him either this week or the following week.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

just watched a show this morning with Bill Ranioc, from the Apprentice show, you know the guy that won and became Donald's right hand dude? Anyway, they have a show that goes in and finds all the ways to save your business and fix stuff...maybe you could apply and get your "coach" free??
LOL @ the bedpost comment! SURE...ummmmhmmmmmmm, sure you didn't sleep w/them all!!! HEHHEHEHEH

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