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Hana Fana BoBana

Well Hana missed us and went up west of us. The Planner home got drenched, but here it's just windy. The pain of it all is my car is covered with pine needles. The great thing about rain is that it cleans your car. In a freak of nature the rain has done nothing to make my car look less like a porcupine. However the threat of the storm closed the gym down today which really blows.

On other fronts boy does my stomach feel like crap. I don't know if it was the tea this morning or what. I haven't heaved, but there have been moments that I wasn't quite sure. I have to admit you can find anything on the web. I mean their are whole sites dedicated to people blowing chunks.

So I'm sitting in my office wondering what to do. The weather outside has closed many things for some reason since it was a dud. I don't get together with the single's until 5 for game night. I did watch Eric's Communion on dvd. It was nice to see him in his suit. In an attempt to save some money this weekend I think it's going to be a long one with the weather being uncooperative.

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Pine needles and their sticky sap, ick. Hard to clean off a car.

Glad Hana passed you by, Mike.


glad things passed you by.. now it is business as usual, once things open up


I love how you describe the car! LOL I remember living in the Pacific NW and every fall, the cars would look like that!!!

Hope the storm doesn't shake you up too much!


Why are you a long distance Dad? Did your "x" move away?

Is there anyway that you can move closer to your child?

Fathers are SO important. They teach young men how to behave as men and young girls how real men should behave. I frankly feel, it is the most important job in the world!

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