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The Rugged Look

The Planner likes that I'm a man and enjoys when I look the part. She's been wanting to see me with a moustache for a while now. When I was young I would have loved to grow one, but every time I did my ex would be like we're not kissing with it. So it always came off pretty fast. Anyway for the Labor day weekend I stopped shaving to get the rugged look that she wanted. About day 3 in not shaving my cheeks were itching too much for me to take so I left the moustache and goatee for her. I guess it's another thing of getting older for me. I like being clean shaven now. I'm happy not to shave when we're hanging out, but to have facial hair is no longer a desire of mine.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hmmm, so are you going to play around with that idea a little bit longer, then, if she likes it, before it all comes back off?

I think it depends upon the guy and how it's done. Handlebars would make me laugh, or think the guy was a reenactor. Done right, hmmm. Ultimately, YOU have to live with it (but you can have some fun, first).



mustaches tickle...sometimes in all the right places!!!
have fun!

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