Going Sane in a Crazy World

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Sane Friends

Things You Don't Want Happening

The first thing you don't want happening is going to your bank on Friday lunch hour to find the doors locked. Never a good sign in these turbulent times. The only good thing is that the door are glass and you can break right in to get your money. Especially since their is no senior security guard that would have a heart attack and die if some robbery happened. Couldn't have that on my conscience. The true problem is that the area has a black out for a few minutes and they lost their computers.

The second thing you don't want happening is said power outage screwing with your computer. It's always great to log in and have your toolbar and favorites from a year ago appear. What's worse it's not going away either. So now I have to troll around finding everything I added to my favorites in the last year.

Argh!!! Someone's walkin' the plank for this.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Yuck, what a pain....... albeit I suppose it could be worse. If I might have any links to the favorites you may have lost, let me know. (I think I'd forget what half of mine were lol, until a while later.......)

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