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My Trouble In Paradise

At times I can't figure the Planner out. It just seems she wants to buck around and feel that she is still free. I brought up how I felt last night and it went over well. She went into why she kind of brought it up. That we are scheduled to see each other Wednesday and Saturday nights. I think the confines of a relationship get to her since I joked that I have her on the books forever and freaked. She didn't know what her point was, but she was thinking about how we have sex every time we see each other. We talked about it and we agreed since we don't see each other a lot that's probably the driving force. I told her if she didn't want to it's okay with me as it has been in past weekends.

She had some problem with all the women in my life. Most of my patients are female and that their are two women (Single and Escort) in the house I live and the singles events. I asked if she trusted me and she said she didn't know me long enough, I hadn't given her any reason not to trust me. So she was just doing so. Their were other points, but like I said I don't truly know what the point was beside what she said. At some point she just needs to say something. This may be a point that will drive us apart in the future. The Planner seems to have this black & white line in her thinking. She always states it from being adopted.

I find it hard since I want to take her serious and make changes that will help the relationship while still being true to myself. Since the Planner has never been married and the two serious relationships she's had were f'up me thinks she may have a unrealistic view of what a relationship is. Only time will tell.

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Women are such a frail flower and yet such a force to be reckoned with...

I am sure she just needs to feel valued and to know that she is not a F*buddy or FWB. She most likely wanted to assure herself that the scheduled dates are not just an excuse for sex.

personally, I am so glad that PHX man and I have an open relationship!


Things take time, and just be patient but patient enough to not be sent over the edge with every little thing that is said or done. Do not second guess things just roll with it... and have fun in the mean time... : )


It's hard. So many ghosts and fears from the past... My empathy. I hope it works out between you two -

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