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Sane Friends

Funk Friday

Some brainiac decided to toss whatever had gone bad out in the back of the supermarket here. Now we're talking a bobcat and hazmat suits to clean up smell. It was so bad I could smell it 3 miles away on the wind. I share this with you because a funk smell is always what you want when you have a cookout. Yes today was our monthly block party and it was more organized than it has been in the last few months which was great.

I know some people get worse before they get better health wise. I just hate when it happens. Again I share because this happened with my first patient this morning. I know the guy from my networking group. He wasn't happy, but when you have a chronic condition that's been bothering you for the last 30 years this kind of stuff happens. However I still hate when it happens.

The Planner is feeling the pressure on the job front to perform which is a good thing. She seems to be stepping up to the plate with it and organizing her day better. Today she was going out to work on getting more business so we'll see how she does. It was nice to have her recognize all the nice things I do for our relationship.

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