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I had a meeting this morning with a wellness guy. Holy hell was this guy mellow. I mean I could hire this guy to talk to me so I could sleep well. The good thing was that he lowered his hair since the one on his business card is about 3 stories high. It was an interesting meeting. Not quite sure what his point was, but I got some useful info and I set him up to help on of the groups I'm a assistant director for.
The Planner has her annual mashagram today. I told her to let me know is she needs me to give any of the techs there a drive by wedgie for squashing her boobs to much. Now I think she is waiting for my physical at the end of the month.
On the home front both Single and Escort damaged their cars. Single is delivering papers for extra money and in this area you pick them up by 2 am and have them delivered by 5. Yes 365 days a year. Not in this lifetime for this guy. I know I looked into it years ago and it wasn't for me. Anyway late night and not enough sleep she drove her truck up on a high curb bending the wheel. Escort on the other hand was following a truck when it swerved. She didn't react that fast and destroyed both front and rear tires on her Lexus. Now it's funny that Escort drives an Lexus when she doesn't have a dime to her name. Her baby arrives next week from her mom's. For someone who was in the Navy Escort is a slob and I don't know how she is going to handle being a full time mom. Being right next to her in the house is my concern and we'll see how it goes.

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Escort and a baby... a mess. Toys, diapers, bottles, good luck !

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