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The Weekend Round Up

It was great to see the Planner last night. She was cheery and relaxed which was nice to see. Usually after a long day at worked she is a little tightly wound. She liked the pendant and I think she thinks its a little big which was my worry since it's bigger than her normal ones. We enjoyed a relaxing evening together.

We talked about saying "I love you". The Planner doesn't say it very often and she wanted me to know that she did care for me very much, but it didn't feel comfortable saying. She wanted to know if that made her weird. I told her no, but asked what had changed her in the past to feel this way. She didn't have an answer for it. I said I didn't miss it since she said it in all the things she does for me. My ex never really said it either, but I also felt it missing. I don't with the Planner although I have to wonder why I pick women that have a hard time saying it. I know, strange for a guy to say.

Sunday morning suck. When we get up, I hold the Planner and we cuddle until she needs to get ready for work which always comes way too soon. We did get her costume for the Halloween party. I'm giving her my scrubs and stethoscope so she can be a nurse or doctor her choice. I'm thinking of Zorro this year, but I'll see what moves me.

Kickball had some bumps in it today. I hadn't been to that park in a while and they had built a hospital next door which annexed the playing fields for parking. So we went down the block to the sports fields, but all the non-used fields were locked. After a few minutes of deciding we chose the high school down the road. The only problem we lost someone on the way which worked out with us having even teams although they could have been bigger. It was 4-4 which made for a lot of running. My team did kiss ass today with a final score of 7-2. To celebrate we went and got some Mexican and relaxed on the deck. It was a beautiful day.

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