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Sane Friends

Business Meetings

Many people ask me what goes on in my business networking meetings. Truthfully just business with some jokes tossed in, but that depends on the group. It's dry stuff, but hey it's business. That being said my Wednesday afternoon group is quite different. I rarely get a chance to go there and now with the Planner it just doesn't happen since it's in the opposite direction. Also if I have to spend time I would rather do it with the Planner than in a bar someplace. However we do make very important decisions there like the word "placenta" was banned. New Yorkers "yell" while people in the South "hollers". I got there late so I missed the discussion on the origins of the word "blow job". If anyone knows let me know so I don't have to look it up. I was surprised I know the origins of many "dirty" words, but that one must have escaped my research. Talking about blow jobs one of the guys there said he never turns one down. After he left I suggested we find some guy to proposition him next week since he never turns one down. To bad I won't be there.

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