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Sane Friends

In the Begining

In the beginning there was 3 reschedules. At least someone else wanted to come in. This week is starting off slow and I'm seeing if I can ramp it up. I stopped by the Royal Chocolate and picked up a dish of tasty chocolates. So with a card in hand I dropped it off at the doctor's office across the street. I haven't gotten any referrals from her in a while so a nice tasty reminder was in order.

To increase my sales ability I set up a coffee talk with a small business coach that I like. I'll talk to him tomorrow and see how it goes. If he needs that big chunk of change in the beginning it's going to have to wait, but if he can put me on some payment plan we maybe doing business.
Eric called me today all excited to tell me what he is going to play in the band. The baritone. I was surprised one because I had no idea what it was and it wasn't on his list. I'm happy that he is excited about it. My school pushed me into it and I hated every moment of it. The same with choir until I put my foot down on both of them and said no more. I have to admit those might have my first decisions in exerting some control in my life.

I'm missing the Planner. Only seeing her 4-5 hours a week, not including sleeping time is not enough for me. However I know with us both working hard to build our businesses it works. I do know if she didn't work the second job we would see more of each other on the weekend.

On the home front, the Landlord is giving Escort her walking papers. She's to be caught up with all her bills or be out by the 6th. I'll be happy if she is gone. She's a slob in the bathroom and I like having it clean. Also it would be nice to have someone else in the house that was with us instead of out there somewhere.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hello. I happen to love eating chocolate and yet you didn't send me any chocolate's. I wouldn't mind a box of chocolate's hint, hint, hint, hint, hint, hint, hint.

Well what are you waiting for ????


Eric, and others, SHOULD have more say in chosing which arts to participate in, and especially which instrument. I, too, am glad that he's happy about it:)

Oh, and stay being you of course, but if Planner likes you in a tie, then sometimes have a dressed up date that involves, yep, you wearing a tie! Oh, but give her a heads up so that she can have fun dressing up, too. (Or, maybe that's obvious and you figured that one out already.)

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