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Sane Friends

Happy Hour

Happy Hour went well. I had never been to the Have a Nice Day Cafe before, but I heard it was nice. It was a dance club so it was loud even when we were the only ones there. Also they had the AC cranked so when it got packed later on it would be comfortable. On the other hand drinks were cheap, free food, and a blast from the past with a whole slew of disco tunes.

We had a good turn out with a lot of new faces showing up which I'm always happy for. I was also able to get 2 more events planned. A chili/car show cook off and our first Halloween party. I'm pretty excited. Everyone loves what I'm doing which I find weird. However I know most people are sheep and wait for others to do so I do understand sort of.

Now on the side burner is a chocolate tasting at the royal chocolate. They have great stuff there and I've watched the Planner almost orgasm with the stuff there. I don't eat it so I need someone to host for me.

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