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Shiver Me Timbers

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day. Hallmark has way too much time on its hands. Surprisingly this 13 year old tradition has taken off. Probably the Pirate movies have helped with it.
I'm still having problems with my asshat from the singles group. I've warned him of doing it again. Whether he will or not is beyond me, but I will remove him if it happens again.
I need to talk to the Planner tonight. She made a comment yesterday that bothered me since it made me feel like she was saying that I was a degenerate. I didn't bring it up last night since I knew I couldn't be objective. However after a good night sleep I can talk about it tonight and just express how it made me feel without getting in her face.
Tonight we have our monthly Happy Hour with the singles. It's at a new place. While Happy Hour's are not my thing they do bring out the crowds so they're a good thing to do on a monthly basis.
I got the pendant for the Planner today and I'm very happy with it. For less than $5 on Ebay woohoo! I'll give it to her tomorrow night.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Awww, sweet...... and good idea re: the comment, be objective instead. I'll need one of those convos with E this weekend methinks........ we'll live.

Damn ad moved to THIS post now. I should only read your older ones, maybe. Oy.

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