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Double Booking

Most people wonder why doctors double book. The reason is that many patients either can't make their appointments on time or reschedule. Not to be done out of money, doctor's double book because chances are one of them isn't going to show.

I know with me hardly a day goes by that a patient doesn't reschedule, either for a later time or another date. It's a real pain in the ass since you don't want to lose the money and it screws with the schedule. The biggest thing is that it sends the message to me that my time isn't that important which I don't like. Not quite sure their is a answer for it.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

I dig that. I have five children, and sometimes, I come in 5 minutes late, other times, I had to reschedule. Hate doing it though because it's like going to shower and not rinsing.


I wouldn't mind if I'm told it could be a double-booking, or if there are a couple people who could be seeing appointments. Otherwise, yeah, BOTH people should have their time respected. Guess as I DO show up, unless something's come up unavoidable, I'm not the norm. Do you ever charge those who just don't show up, or would that kill your business?

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