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Afternoon Delight a Day Late

Ah Monday what a day. I started out the day with 5 patients on the books and by the end of the day I had 1. Yes 4 patients rescheduled. I think that's a record and after last weeks fiasco with rescheduling I was fighting the funk. However the Planner was in the area and after not being able to stop by was able to. So it was great seeing her for an hour eating some pizza, holding hands, and ending with a great big hug. It was the highlight of my day. I love watching her blossom when I shower her with affection. The way my day was going I was ready to toss it and head to the beach with her. Atlas I went to my business meeting instead.

Back to the present. Still no freaking check card from the bank. WTF? I'm going to stop by later and see what's up and if I can just use my old one. This taking way too long.

Oh so you know I won the auction for the pendant.

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