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Another Crazy Day

One day I would like a full day without one reschedule. I've had 3 today already. I only had 5 appointments. It has to be written somewhere that there's a limit. Over the last 2 weeks reschedules are becoming the norm. Today only one transferred to another day. The rest just did time switches which become problematic after a while.

On the plus side my friend stopped by to retake the pictures for my website. We traded services for it. So the first batch came out okay.
It's always interesting to watch someones stupid blunder. I'm sitting at the light a little while ago. Person runs a red light with the police sitting right there. The cop waited for a few seconds before going after them. I think he was stunned that someone just did that in front of him.

Waiting to hear from the Planner to see if she wants to get together tonight. She had a big list of stuff to get done. I'm hoping it's a yes. It would be great to see her and she could use the treatment since she missed her chair yesterday and fell on her butt doing some damage to her neck.

Lastly Single has stopped delivering papers. To most that would mean nothing. To me I was waiting for her to have a psychotic episode. You see here you have to pick the papers up around 2 am and have them delivered by 5 am. Yes 365 days a year with no time off. They pay isn't bad, but unless you want to sleep throughout the day and never go anywhere it sucks. Single's problem is that she has a 2 year old. The longest she was sleeping was 4 hours. The human body can only handle so much. I was waiting for that psychotic episode, not quite sure what it would have been, but it would have been blogworthy.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Reschedules are frustarting because essenitally they are money lost in the present, plus it can mess up your plans for the day.

Your picture turned out nice, Mike.

Doing that right in front of a cop - geez... He desrved a ticket just for being dumb, to boot !

Hope the Planner says yes !

And Single may end up cracking up soon anyway. 4 hours of sleep will turn anyone into a freak.


Your picture is fantastic! Very classy.


LOVE THE PIC! Quite the handsome man!


Too bad she couldn't have alternated days for the paper deliveries. Having a 2-year old is hard, worth it, but hard enough w/out lack of sleep.
oh, and I have seen someone do that right in front of a police car (and station) -- I think they may have been color blind, stopped at the green and went when it was red.

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