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Sane Friends

Starting All Over

Well I picked up a new wallet today. I had a expired driver's license, extra gym card, and health insurance card. So I got a replacement library card cause I need what's important. Next on the list is my towing service. It took me a little while to find what kind of wallet I wanted. They have so many different kinds now and none really fitted my needs.

Well today is the Planner's and mine 3 monthaversary. So I evited her last night for a night of fun and relaxation at her place Saturday night to celebrate. I'll bring chocolate I got free from the Royal Chocolate store, some games to play, and I told her I would give her a massage to relax. See was happy with suggestion.

I have to admit I'm becoming concerned with her on the job front. She seems to have built this huge wall that she feels she must get over or she will fail completely in her profession. She's been gun-ho with many things, but nothing directly money generating. The last few times she's said she wanted to get leads and make money she's side tracked onto some other thing. It's a concern of mine. Nothing to do now, but it's something I've observed and will watch to see what the true person is underneath.

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Yeah, be very careful about that, Mike. Dating or living with someone who has an unstable financial situation/may have ongoing serious money problems - definitely affects you as well. You worst case become the sole breadwinner, and unless that is okay with you...

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