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Sane Friends

Phone Calls From the Grave

I got a text from the Planner a little while ago answering my question was she still alive. She said yes and wished me a nice day. So I'll call her tonight when I'm out of the office so it will affect my day the least. I don't like what I'm seeing in her handling this situation which has been bizarre since up to now she's been forward with problems. However I've already pulled back some to protect myself. This drop off the face of the earth for a day is unacceptable to me. We didn't even do this when we started dating. So I have some thinking to do which most will happen after I speak to her.

On other matters. I got a lot of validation this morning from my networking group for all the work I do to help everyone else out. Actually 4 people did so it was nice and a good balance to my day.

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