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Sane Friends

Labor Day Weekend

Well it was a great 72 hours with the Planner. I was so happy to see her and hold her in my arms. I was instantly into relaxation mode while it took her a full day to make the switch. It was great to sleep in and relax. The best being falling asleep and waking up with her next to me. Then spending some time in each other's arms.

We did many things all, but nothing really too big. Saturday we hit Dollar stores to browse and pick up a few odds and ends. We also did some real shopping and I got a nice hanging plant for the office. The Planner's mom was still in the hospital so we went there each day. I still haven't met her since we figured just after surgery wouldn't be the best time to meet.

What else did we do. We did some night time walks, grass watering, Colonial Williamsburg, and The Ripley's Believe it or Not museum.

We had some nice talks. The Planner stated her fears with me in that I'm pretty harsh and cut and dry with my family. She thought I still had unfinished business with them and that would help open me up the being healthier and more grateful. It took me a while to swallow and after some meditation on it I thing she's right. So I'll have to schedule something with my Dad which I'll blog about at a later date. I on the other side talked to her about balancing work and relaxation. In an attempt to show her how she would actually do more work if she stopped working at a certain point in her day and rested instead of pushing herself to all hours. So we're complimenting each other very nicely.

I was very sad to head home last night as was the Planner. She wanted me to stay the night again, but I couldn't do that with my meeting this morning. While I was looking forward to work today like she was we both missed seeing each other at the ends of the day.

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Seeing each other is sometimes good, too. Glad you both can open up more to each other. oh, and you were BUSY this weekend!

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