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Hear Yee, Hear Yee

I'm officially bored out of my gourd. I only had patients at the beginning of my day and at the end of my day today. So that leaves a large empty middle. I've done all the work I need to get done. I even cleaned up the pile of papers on my desk and vacuumed my car. However I still have 90 more minutes before my next patient. If she doesn't show I'll have to track her down and strangle her before I head over to the Planner's place.

We sprung a leak here after the really hard down pour earlier. The men's bathroom is out of order as water was pouring in from the light fixture which if you don't know is a bad thing. Although having a shower here wouldn't be too bad a thing.

The office is squeaky clean. Well as clean as I'm willing to make it. I've watched video of reporters being kissed by random strangers on live TV. Women who think they know how to pole dance and don't realize that the pole is not secured to the floor go flying. I have to admit this was pretty damn funny.

OMG I'm blabbing.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Funny post. Hope you're enjoying your planned weekend....


so are you and "planner" on the "next" step???

Seems like y'all might have committed your Sat nights to each other?


Shower via lightbulb is not recommended. Besides, if that goes too long, the ceiling gets too rotted/wet and collapses. That's less fun coming down on your head than, say, water, or light (separately). :)
Babbling occasionally is a good thing.

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