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Sane Friends

Happy Monday Everyone

My life is back to normal today. I do miss having Eric around and I'm sad. He did call me to talk while him and his mom are on their way to Amish country. Their vacation is a double edged sword to me. I'm happy that he's going. I'm resentful at my ex since it's a 3 hour drive for her. Whenever I've asked her to drive so that Eric and I can see each other more often I get that it hurts her back too much to drive. She goes any place she wants, but doesn't seem to put Eric first which annoys me.

I was looking to hitting the gym today. Having off last week and eating less than healthy lunches I can feel the difference in my health. I was really bummed when I walked in there and the showers were closed today. So I had to pass on my workout to head all the way back home to shower. I'll go later today since I don't want to miss anymore. The other thing I need this week is a haircut. My hair is long and I can't take it any longer.

The Planner had to drive down to the south side here to get her car fixed today. I was hoping she would stop by for a few so we could see each other. No such luck.

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