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You know I really hate when I get an insufficient charge from my bank on .45 cents. You know throw me a bone here. I hate when they start at the biggest and work down to the smallest. Bastards! On other news I can always tell how the economy is doing by how many sales calls I get a day. My prediction is the economy is doing crappy with all the sales calls I'm getting. Now I'm getting detail guys calling to tell me they're in the area. Oye.

It's been about 10 days since I talked to Eric last. I've left two messages and still nothing. I would think since I'm seeing him Sunday I would hear something back. I'll keep trying. The Planner had suggested the Botanical garden for her meet with Eric. While it is beautiful I know Eric has a thing about bees so I suggested the zoo would be better. Something for everyone. Animals, plants, and all the outdoors to run around.

The Planner and I talked about our money woes last night. I think after Labor day I'll grab a part time weekend job again. I might try the southside's branch of the Dump. The Planner does very well with it up on Peninsula and any extra money coming in would be a great help.

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