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Just reading over at Shrink Talk and Dr. Rob's adventure in his shrink's office. When you're in a shrinks office everyone is very quiet except for the few truly mentally deranged folks out there. I don't know if their very depressed or just think I'm an ax murder working out my mother issues without a hatchet. Anyway I usually go first thing in the morning for two reasons. One it's close to my house and not to my job, but the real reason is by later afternoon he is so far behind schedule that my chances of seeing him within 15 minutes of my appointment are about the same as me getting Angela Jolie into bed.

Anyway one of those rare times I was there late the place was packed. As with any large group of people the chances of getting someone a bit off are pretty high, even higher in your shrink's office. So this time an older lady is there reading this huge book. She has some kind of doily on her lap for it and it's bound in leather. Actually it looks like an original copy of the Necromonicum. So when it's her turn she gets up and leaves this huge tome on the couch. The rest of us just sit around until she comes running out to drag the book back into the office. All of us recognize the bizarre behavior, but keep quiet until one brave soul says, "I guess she didn't want anyone to steal it." Which someone else replies, "she must think we're crazy." We all had a good laugh at that until they came out to give us our Thorazine.

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