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If you read my last entry you would know that the shower was broken at the gym. Anyway I went back this afternoon to workout. Now that had a sign stating that it was broken. Their was no mention of using the women's shower which was working. Bastards! You think they could be a little more attentive with my $55 a year.

So after my workout I'm heading back into the locker room when I spy this guy headed right for the showers. Now their is no way you can miss the sign outside. Even if your blind your going to walk in to the spider web of tape covering the shower entrance. Nope this guy just ducks under and starts showering. WTF! I guess this guy read the sign saying not to use as "everyone else don't use". Someone else walked in and mention to the guy that he shouldn't be in there. Really? You don't think he knows? Since the only way in there is on your hands and knees to get under the tape.

Not quite sure who was the bigger moron.

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That is a toss up...here's a quarter.

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