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On the Road Again

Jeez what a trip. Traffic was horrendous today, even worse than when I tried to do this trip during Thanksgiving. It took me an extra hour just to get out of Virginia where I've never had traffic before. Then Delaware and Jersey was worse than normal. The good thing was that there was no problems with the car.

It's good to see my brother and family if only for a short time. I'm going to get up at 8 tomorrow so I can get on the road early. Especially if today was any indication of how traffic will be tomorrow. It's a long trip and it's only made worse when you add a child to the mix. I have a game boy and some books for Eric to read. I told him to bring something to keep himself occupied.

Post will probably be erratic over the next week, but I promise there will be picture.

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Have fun while you are gone - looking forward to the pictures after you get back !

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