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I Forgot My Camera

I awoke early this morning and Eric who is usually the early bird had a hard time of getting up. I packed everything while he pulled himself together. Breakfast was a bit of a chore to get him to eat enough since I really didn't want to be stopping a lot and since he now gets sick in the car when he eats it was a major thing.

I'm like this gas prices going down. Gas was $3.30 a gallon. Woohoo! I had Eric clean my windows to keep him involved which was my point of the vacation. This time instead of doing a lot I tried to do more interactive events. It worked out well and we had a great time this week.

I was really sad yesterday with it coming to an end. Actually so sad that I didn't really want to deal with it and had to work on not acting out on it and causing problems. This was the first time Eric was pretty good with the end of the vacation. While he felt sad it never got to the extremes that it usually did.
On the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, which is one of the seven engineering wonders of the world, they have a tourist area. I always think about it, but it's $12 to use the bridge so I never continue thinking about it. However we were talking about it and I suggested we stop on the way home to take a look. It was pretty nice. We had great weather for it. I was pretty annoyed that I had forgotten my camera. The thrift shop was very typical, but the view outside 4 miles out in the bay was awesome.

The rest of the ride was okay. There was a lot of traffic in NJ and NY which made the end of the journey seem to drag. This time Eric was bored and asking "how long" and "how many more mile?"

Not living in a metropolitan area anymore I forget certain things. One is how pervasive Hispanics are in our culture. I was scanning through the radio in NY looking for a station. I would have to say I went through at least 10 station before I even got to one speaking English. I know the day will come when they make Spanish the American language. English has been shot down too many times.

Origami is the word of the night at my brother's place. My niece got some origami paper and her book is in Japanese with expert directions. I use to do origami a lot when I was a kid. I still know how to make a gorilla. So I showed her how to do it. I'll have to find a better book for her and send it up.

I'll sleep late in the morning hopefully then head on back home to deal with Single and the Escort while my Landlord is away.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

$3.30 a gallon! NICE! It's still up at $3.99 over here. BOOOOO!

In true P.C. form, maybe we can just create a new language in order to appease everyone. Spanglish.

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