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Action Tuesday

Doing a lot today and taking a lot of actions about my business. So I'm flying high today and the worries of unpaid bills is forgotten. It was nice to get some very positive compliments on my work as vice president for my networking group. I think it's like drawing. If you can't do it your impressed even more by people who can. Since that was the follow up sentence that they couldn't do what I do. Hey I have an iron fist what can I say. Michael Corleone is my hero.

Looking at what I want to focus on getting in the office: children or seniors. I'm going with children. The pay is the same cash wise since I give them a discount. However kids usually gets more of the family in and its a investment in the future. While seniors are pretty single in coming in and die off at some point, sorry to say.

A little bummed that my lecture tonight is down to 1 person since I had some cancellations. I'll still have it since it's important to educate everyone. I was thinking about having the event again later in the month and this solidified it for me.

After my last patient I'm off to training. I'm taking on a new position in networking. One of being an assistant director. This will allow me to travel to 3-4 other groups like mine and it should increase my business 2-3 times. So some extra work with good payoffs.

Then it'll be back here for my lecture. Hopefully I'll get a walk in or two.

I think I finally got it into the Planner's head last night that she is more important to me than the singles. I enjoy them, but she is an investment in my future. With that we set up our weekly dates of Wednesday and Saturday nights with whatever else we can fit in. This helps me set up my calender of events. It was nice to hear her say how much she misses me.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Life is going well for you, and the thinking about the children being abetter bet than the seniors is good economics, Godfather :)


I love the stage in dating that men and women, have that "assumed" date!

Congrads! That rocks!

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