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Sane Friends

Friday Fun

I always love opening my doors to someone wanting to give me money. Hey what can I say I'm easy to please. Anyway my collection letters are working so I'm happy.

The Planner came down with her mom today so she could get some preliminary test done before her surgery later this month. So it was great to see her during the day. We grabbed lunch in the cafeteria. My next patient cancelled so I was able to hang with her longer. We talked and played games on her computer. She knows I won't just let her win since I kick her butt when we play games. We make a nice couple.

Not much happening this weekend which is weird. The singles have a dinner event tomorrow night. I'm passing on it. It's a great Peruvian restaurant, but if I had to go back I would want to do it with the Planner. I looked for other activities, but most everything is outdoors and it's suppose to be in the 90's and humid. Not my idea of fun. So I think I'll go see Wanted tomorrow before my Mom. Then tomorrow night I'll head over to the Planner's for my Saturday night sleep over.

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